The Hoarding Disorder Resource and Training Group

Easing the emotional, psychological, social,
financial, and legal effects of Hoarding Disorder.


The Hoarding Disorder Institute trains professionals to provide the services described below. A list of trained service providers can be found at the HDRTG Resource Directory.

Geriatric Care Management

HDRTG-educated Certified Professional Geriatric Care Managers help optimize the quality of life of individuals with hoarding disorder. Geriatric care managers can conduct assessments and evaluations, determine safety issues, develop a plan of care, and coordinate services. They provide essential monitoring of the situation and assist families in locating appropriate resources.

Therapeutic Services

Clinicians such as social workers, psychologists, and occupational therapists who have been trained by HDRTG utilize interventions to ensure a balance between the individual’s right to autonomy and self-determination, and society’s need to respond to public health and safety issues. 

Family Support

HDRTG-trained specialists help families learn coping skills and appropriate ways to assist their loved ones who hoard.

Decluttering and Cleanup

HDRTG-trained professionals help create living spaces that are safe. Services include professional organizer support, safety evaluations, home modifications, removal of harmful substances, and preservation of valuables.

Relocation and Respite

There may be a time when the home environment is unsafe to the extent that the individual must be relocated. This may be a temporary solution, such as a respite stay in an assisted living facility, or a more permanent living arrangement if necessary. HDRTG-trained realtors, placement specialists, and senior movers can find an appropriate solution based on the individual’s needs.

Home and Residential Health Care

HDRTG provides training to home health agencies, companion service providers, senior housing, continuing care retirement communities, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing facilities.  HDRTG-trained health care providers are equipped to manage the challenging behavior often exhibited by those with hoarding disorder.